My Friends,

How often have you self sabotaged when it comes to love? Shrunk down because of fear, played small, silenced your expression, abandoned yourself, acted out of anger, pulled out too quick, stayed too long? Any of this sound familiar?

Love can be terrifying. It is one grand MYSTERY and oftentimes we are looking for the formula of how to win in love. Spoiler alert, there isn't one. Instead, it is a deep and profound journey to creating your own unique relationship. Love is not a game, love is a path into the unknown and most of us are just not yet equipped with the right tools to help us pave a path full of delicious, expansion, excitement and passionate love. Here's where we come in!

Johann and I are so excited to share the tools, rituals and practices that make our love so profoundly fulfilling.

It wasn't always sunshine and rainbows my loves. We both come from extremely different backgrounds, our own traumas and wounding and we have gone through countless ups and downs. Trick is we've learned how to ride the waves and alchemize our contractions into full fuck yes expansions. Are you ready to become a LOVE JEDI?

Learn The Language of Embodied Love

    1. 1 | Conscious Communication - Transforming Contractions into Expansions

    2. Week 1 Homework

    1. 2 | Beliefs, Empowerment and Polarity - Awakening to Our Inner World

    2. Week 2 Homework

    1. 3 | The 3% - The Intimacy of Transparency

    2. Week 3 Homework

    1. 4 | Sexual Alchemy - Pleasure and Passion

    2. BONUS

    3. Week 4 Homework

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